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Umbrella and Excess Insurance

Even if you carry General Liability Insurance for your business, you might face a repair, settlement, or judgment in excess of your coverage limit. Without Business Umbrella Insurance (also sometimes called Umbrella Liability Insurance or Excess Liability Insurance), you would have to pay the uncovered expenses out-of-pocket.

The main benefit of purchasing Business Umbrella Insurance, rather than opting for higher limits on your existing policies, is that Umbrella Insurance tends to be more cost-effective: you can spend less each month on premium payments to enjoy significantly greater insurance protection. In addition, you can expand your coverage limits on several policies through a single Umbrella policy. For example, instead of investing in higher limits on General Liability, Auto Liability, and Employer’s Liability policies, you could invest in a single Umbrella Liability policy that offers extended coverage on all three.

While some entrepreneurs balk at the prospect of investing in additional coverage, an Umbrella policy is worth considering for many small-business owners.

Why? Equipment, real estate, and other valuable business property is often expensive to replace but crucial to a business owner’s ability to bring in revenue. Umbrella Insurance policies can provide extra coverage that will allow business owners to replace or repair this property if anything should happen to it.

In addition, the number of clients, suppliers, partners, and other business associates business owners come into contact with every day means that they simply face more opportunities for lawsuits than the average person. Business Umbrella Insurance offers an extra safety net in case one of those people brings a costly lawsuit.

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