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Cargo Coverage

Whether you ship your goods by truck, rail, or sea, it is imperative for any business that ships any sort of freight to have cargo insurance that is both comprehensive and effective. We at Taber Insurance Services can provide a policy that ensures that your goods stay protected, no matter how they are being shipped.

Our cargo property insurance policies are made so that your business can recover quickly should an accident befall your cargo. We can cover your goods for either their at cash value or replacement cost, ensuring that your cargo is both protected and easily replaced.

We represent a variety of carriers that write cargo insurance. From limits of $10,000 to limits of $100,000,000, we have the right coverage for you.

Contact Edward Taber Insurance Services today for free evaluation and quote on your cargo insurance policy.

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Edward Taber Insurance Services
1841 S Lakeline Blvd., Suite 101 #203
Cedar Park, TX 78613

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